Artistic Mortimer was established in 2017 by Jason Smith as a non-profit organisation to support the work of local artists around Mortimer and the surrounding villages. Our objectives are to:

  1. Provide a low cost way of promoting their work
  2. Connects artists with potential supporters or patrons
  3. Promote art as a career option in conjunction with local schools

About Jason Smith


Jason’s interest in art started at school where he studied A level Art and Design in 1990 and nearly embarked upon a Foundation Year followed by a Degree. Instead he followed his interest in technology and very occasionally picked up a brush as a hobby or used the darkroom at university.

His interest remained dormant for many years and it wasn’t until he spent a year travelling around twenty countries in 2003 that his interest in creativity was reignited using a camera. He briefly setup a BAPLA photo library with his brother before moving to New Zealand.

After moving to Mortimer in 2008 he joined a local Camera Club where he was the Program Secretary and Chair. This provided more inspiration and he started taking his photography hobby more seriously; investing in the tools to produce high quality print work and investing the time required to produce images of a higher standard.

He exhibited and sold his prints for the first time in 2010 at a local event. His prints of the local landscape proved popular gifts; and he produced a series of Christmas Cards to raise money for the local community. He became increasingly interested in watercolour painting and the landscape continued to provide the material for much of his work. Pen and ink with watercolour is a current focus for many of his works.