Developing Ideas

I’ve visited four local artists as part of Open Studios… all very talented. I’m inspired to have an Open Studio myself next year. My work isn’t at the same level of the artists I’ve visited but that’s ok. The most exciting part of visiting other artists is that we have shared ideas and the feedback about Artistic Mortimer was positive. New ideas that I hadn’t thought of were suggested by the artists I visited which were great – ways in which to encourage and promote further creativity in the local community.

The Beginning

It is March 25th 2017 and the birth of a new idea. The idea has been around in my head for a while but today I’ve been proactive and acted upon it. I’m an amateur artist and I want to support the work of others like me who want to promote their work, meet like minded people, share ideas and help others develop. I don’t want to profit from the idea but I do want to generate funds that can be reinvested or distributed to help others.  I want to promote work, support talents, find sponsors and encourage people to do what they creatively enjoy as a hobby and a vocation.